Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 2010 Blocks

Carrolee wasn't able to do our first week of the month get together so April 20 was the substitute day. It was a lovely sunny day so we had lunch in the Howell Secret Garden where the spring bulbs and fruit trees were in bloom. Because so many of the group are on "special" diets she served us a nice bug salad with grilled chicken on top. Very nice.
Catching up with the blocks for April she showed the blocks and gave us hints on a few of the blocks.
p 241-A Better Correspondent pp as printed
247-Long Promised Photograph pp as printed
249-Sweet and Gentle Disposition we have an extra piece which is the reversed flag for PP
251-Numerous Excuses You can use the alternate drafted pattern which eliminates several seams
255-Another Prison we have the option of using the printed "triangles on a roll" or pp as shown
257-Brighter Future pp the center and then you can cut squares and rectangles to finish if you desire or just pp the whole thing

Carrolee's blocks are above.
Peggy and Cathie showed March's blocks hosted by Marianne
Don't they look great? Carrolee is still catching up and Christina had a work obligation and Marianne's Father is very ill and she couldn't stay today.
Peggy's blocks

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